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Welcome to my newest blog. What is a kimberline you ask? Well where I live in Portland, Dorset, it is a nickname given to newcomers to the Island. Yes Portland is an Island seperated from Weymouth by a causeway. Its part of the Jurassic coast and I love living here. I will be posting lots of different things I hope you enjoy visiting here. Hugs Sara

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

A wedding in April.

Hi everyone

Yes I know its been an absolute age since I posted anything here.  SO much has happened.  Hubby got gastro interitus really bad.  I had to call the abulance twice as he fainted and went into a mini coma for about a minute and a half with it.  Thankfully he is over that now, though still a bit week. 

Then very sadly and suddenly my father in law passed away.  He had had a bad cold and cough and when the doctor came he said that he should be in hospital but he was stubborn and wouldnt go.  Then his heart gave out.  Dear Richard, we shall miss you
                                  He is the 3rd from left in the photo below
                                    (this was my wedding day June 2010)

Then I had another suspected heart attack and spent 5 days in hospital.  Fortunately it wasnt a heart attack but a very bad virus.  I am over that now and things have quietened down some. 

Happier times are to follow and the start of those were my hubby's niece's wedding Kelly Twycross to Sub Leitenant Matt Berridge.  We lucked out with the weather and a fabulous day was had by everyone.  Kelly looked so beautiful and Matt very handsome in his uniform. 

So as the sun is finally shining again today, although windy.  A decent summer seems almost hopeful. 
I have been making things inbetween joining in a lot of swaps.  I love swapping with people and seeing everyones creations.  I have also signed up to an online course starting in June with River Garden Studio based on Nature Journalling.
I cant wait to take part on this.  It sounds right up my street.