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Welcome to my newest blog. What is a kimberline you ask? Well where I live in Portland, Dorset, it is a nickname given to newcomers to the Island. Yes Portland is an Island seperated from Weymouth by a causeway. Its part of the Jurassic coast and I love living here. I will be posting lots of different things I hope you enjoy visiting here. Hugs Sara

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Taken at Cannentaign falls near Bovey Tracy
Happy pink Saturday
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Claudia said...

Beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!

CC said...

It's gorgeous and such sweet pinks.
Happy Pink Saturday..and have a lovely weekend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

How beautiful is that? Oh my just breath taking. Thanks for sharing on this glorious day. Happy Pink Saturday. Please stop by and say hi. Country hugs, Sherry

♥Mimi♥ said...

So sorry that I am getting to you a day late and a dollar short for Pink Saturday. Seems like the day just got away from me.

The sun was out in the afternoon and all day today, so with all the rain we've had, I went outside to play.

As always, it is a pleasure to come here to see what you are sharing and what you've been up to during the week. Thanks so much for making my weekend all ♥Pink and Pretty♥

Serendipity Collections said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Jana said...

Hello again. I have a great blog award for you which I really want you to have. Please pop over to my blog and copy it from my sidebar(at the top) I made it myself especially for the blogs I love! Suzie. :)

Nancy said...

Oh, just beautiful and so many flowers on the water. Happy Pink Saturday!

Regina said...

How pretty! Happy PS and nice weekend.
"My Pink Saturday Post Here"

Mary said...

How very lovely. Thanks so much for sharing this image with us. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Leann said...

Oh I love how beautiful this photo is. The flowers on the water are so romantic!

Happy belated PS

CC said...

Such gorgeous,sweet pinks. Happy Pinks and have a great week.

someplace in thyme said...

Sara, that is gorgeous my friend, Happy Pink Saturday, Char