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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Thursday Drama with my mum


What a scary couple of days I have just had.  Just over a year ago my mum had a Stroke.  She is almost fully recovered but was recently diagnosed as having Epilepsy as a result of the stroke.  Up til now she has just had very small twitching which was under control by tablets.  Well Thursday that all changed.  She came round to me for a coffee, she only lives two doors away.  I had called her round because I had a migraine and was feeling quite down.  My mother in law comes round at the same time to pay a vist like she does often but as we all get on it was really nice.  Mum said her left foot felt funny and then she couldnt feel it and it started shaking.  Not hanging about I called the ambulance.

They were there in five minutes and by then mum was so panicky and scared I was just trying to keep her calm.  She came round from that a little and they managed to bend her stiff leg to get her in a wheel chair to take her to the amulance.  She had another very small one on the way to the ambulance and then one in the ambulance as I was waiting outside where she bit her lip.  In the ambulance on the way to DOrchester A&E she had a major fit.  I thought we were going to loose her right there and then. She went unconsious though her eyes were open and she never came round.  When we got there she had another one in the A&E.   5 fits in the space of two hours.  She was also sick when they did a CT scan that turned out completely normal.  We left her in the hospital ward around tea time and of course I was exhausted and in bits, we didnt know anything much at this point. Having never seen an Epilitic fit before I was terrified.

 Well we went to see her yesterday afternoon and there she was sat up talking away almost back to her old self.  Apart from a shocking head and a really sore body.  We are hopefull that she can come home today.  I am so thankful in a way that the doctors have said it was Epilepsy and not another stroke.  At least I know how to deal with it now and that they can treat it quickly. 

I will let you all know when she is home.  I will feel much better then and so will mum. 


Dragonfly said...

Sorry to hear about your mum, it must have been scary for all of you. I'm glad she is now recovered and it was not another stroke, good job she was with you. Hugs to you all x

Susan said...

so sorry to hear this Sara :( Many prayers and healing energy coming out to your mom, and peaceful calming energy and prayers coming out to you!
Gentle hugs and warm blessings,