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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Aqua fin tastic

Its my Birthday!!!

Yay.  today I am the wrong side of 30.  36 to be precise.  Time is certainly flying by
Yesterday as part of my birthday I was treated to an Aqua fin massage.  Lots of little fish that suck away at the rough skin on your feet.  Its sounds a bit UUURRRG but when you go and see it its great fun.  Well the girl put my feet in and they hold your feet down because if  you kick the fish they die.  So I shrieked like a pathetic shrieky thing and the poor girls who were waiting said "I've changed my mind" but they didnt.  It is just that first minute but the sensation is like when you put the shower on Jet and put it under your feet.  It's quite lovely.  Plus you get a foot massage as well all for £15.00.  I had extra chiropody on my feet as they are in a bad way.  so it cost me £25.00 well my hubby paid for it.

Oh and I got 3 flippin boxes of chocolates from people that should really know better.  They know that I am supposed to be loosing weight but that I will eat all the chocolate. 

1 comment:

Kasia said...

Wow what a unique experience! Must have been very interesting! And of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! :)