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Welcome to my newest blog. What is a kimberline you ask? Well where I live in Portland, Dorset, it is a nickname given to newcomers to the Island. Yes Portland is an Island seperated from Weymouth by a causeway. Its part of the Jurassic coast and I love living here. I will be posting lots of different things I hope you enjoy visiting here. Hugs Sara

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

New alter for May, herbs in my garden and Gyno operation

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well. This is a bit of a mixed bag post. I wanted to show you the photos of my new Alter. I have aquired a few new things. A crows wing, a fairy beeswax tapered candle and some beeswax hangings. Also a card that my mum got me. I absolutely love it. I have had quite a week.  This Monday I went in for a simple gyneological operation.  A noversure ablation to stop my very heavy and painful periods.  I have had it done before and it went well but only worked for about a year and a half.  So I go in.  They had to reset my pacemaker, turn it off basically, for the op and boy I am so very pleased that I have a pacemaker.  My muscles around the heart are sore.  IT is all working fine again now.  Well they couldnt procede with the op as I had complications.  I was all set to go home, as it was day surgery, when I mentioned I was uncomfortable with pain and they kept me in.  Just as well because I haemeraged so badly and had huge blood clots they had preped the theatre and crossmatched me two pints of blood.  Well after constantly asking my angels to help and getting mad at them in the end something happend.  It was just like someone had turned off a tap.  It wasnt the operation that caused it, they had overdosed me on warfrin and clexane which meant I couldnt clot properly to stop the bleeding.  Well now they are recommending the biggy.  Hysterectomy, which I really am NOT keen on.  I am going to see if there is other pain relief that can help before I consider that one.  But, I am ok now, just a wee bit sore but that is ok. 

the purple feather is my pen. it fits in so well.

Here you can see the crows wing and the fairy candle.  I am not sure whether I shall use it.  It is so pretty

THis is the card my mum gave me today.  I love the colours used in this card

The fairy is one of the beeswax hangings.  I saw them and couldnt resist.

here you can see my sage on the left and oragano and thyme in the octagonal tub

Bergamot Earl grey Tea.  I wished you could smell it, and it has grown so much since I brought it about a month ago

My Lavender.  It is such an amazing lavender.  There is a story behind it.  When we moved in five years ago the very first plant I brought was this lavender.  It was in a tiny pot and the lavender was so small.  Well with the hastle of moving in I kind of forgot about the plant.  It had been put there by our door.  Now it is the magnificant specimin you see before you and yes it is pot bound.  I gave it a real pruning last year and you should see the new growth on it. 

My rosemary in the black round tub.  It seems to like it there.  The red plant at the back is my Acer.  Another favourite plant of mine.



Susan said...

Sara, I am so sorry to hear of your recent horrendous health issues! Healing energy coming out to you. I love that card your Mum send you!
a crow's wing, as in a broken wing off a real crow? if so you better cover it in kosher salt for a while or the decomp in the end that attachs to the body is going to start smelling.

I have a question for you. I have purchased a large red cinnamon candle for health, and engraved an apple into it. What essential oil (drop or 2) should I charge it with?

Please feel better soon, we all wouldn't be the same without you around.

Kasia said...

Hope you will return to heath soon! You have quite an interesting collection of stuff! :)


Sara said...

Hi Susan I have emailed you regarding your question and thank you both for your well wishes. Hugs Sara

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Sara..I think i tried leaving two commetns here last week..and dont know if this one will work either! But i loved you altar and your fabulous post!!! Pure magic
Shine on

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Sara..thanks for your lovely visit..I love revisiting this powerful and beautiful inspiring and magical...i bet your herbs look even more amazing now..can't wait for mine to grow and bloom too( it is slower here in Canada)! Your altar is wonderfully meditative to come and gaze at..just awesome...thankyou for sharing special!


Fleur de Bee said...

Hi sweetest Sara! Oh I hope all goes well for your surgery! Life takes various turns that can throw us for a loop sometimes! I will pray for your safe and a full recovery! Following your blog now! xo Molly

Gill said...

sounds like you've had a rough time lately, i hope you find a solution soon. I love the card and the pics of your garden