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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nightmares and lack of sleep

Hi all

I have been having a lot of unbroken sleep lately.  Nightmares have been waking me up and I am having them almost everynight.  Mostly about people close to me who are alive being dead.  I was hoping some of you might know a bit about dreams and what they might mean.  The doctors werent much help as they said if its the medication we cant stop it as I need it for my condition.  Sigh, heres hoping to a better nights sleep tonight hey. 

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pinkglitterfae said...

Try not to take it too seriously, I've had some crazy dreams over the years too. It's possible your body is adjusting to your medication, and that's causing your fitful sleep, which in turn may be causing disturbing dreams. I know some drugs have bad side effects.

Some people are afraid that a dream shows you something that may happen, but that is not at all true. They are also not to be taken literally, and knowing this, you may be able to relax, and get yourself a good night sleep
here's wishing you some peace