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Welcome to my newest blog. What is a kimberline you ask? Well where I live in Portland, Dorset, it is a nickname given to newcomers to the Island. Yes Portland is an Island seperated from Weymouth by a causeway. Its part of the Jurassic coast and I love living here. I will be posting lots of different things I hope you enjoy visiting here. Hugs Sara

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Monday, 8 February 2010



This is what the organiser Lisa said about the event.
I created this event in 2007. The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. 2007 had roughly 85-90 participants and many connections were made because of it......friendships that are still going strong.
We had a strong showing the first year for sure, and then in 2008 we had just about tripled that number. In 2009 there were 911 participants, to say I was amazed is an understatement. 28 countries were represented in the 2009 event as well.
This is more than wanting to win something.......that is only the the end it's about finding kindred spirits. Someone who may be fairly new to blogging, not sure how to navigate, find others and have others find them....Some are long time bloggers and in some cases well known in the blogging community. Whatever the case it brings all of them together. This is an INTERNATIONAL event that has and had participants from the US, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England,Wales, Slovenia and more. It transcends geographical location, socio economics, political affiliation, religious's a coming together like the giant community we are on this planet. If only it took a simple giveaway to create PEACE everywhere, in the mean time here we give from our hearts. We are not solving the worlds problems nor are we curing anything nor are we changing the world. We are merely generating a closer community between humans through blogging. What more could I ask for, my little idea has surpassed my wildest dreams of what it could become.
I don't like rules but sometimes there needs to be at least guidelines to keeping things cohesive and fair for everyone.
You don't need to be an artist to participate each year, this is open to everyone. What it's not meant for is self promotion. Meaning that the mission of this event is to meet new people and them meet you, rather than be a commercial for each persons specific endeavors. Many people have links to their websites, Etsy sites etc. already on their blog therefore the "visitor" can click on those to find out more about what a person does. The aim is for the event post itself to be about welcoming and showing what each visitor has a chance to win by stopping by.....AND giving the visitor a chance to read and learn more about each person along the way.
Think of this as taking a giant tour of homes; you get to stop in, look around, meet the people who live there, admire and be inspired and before you go on to the next one you leave your name in hopes to win a door prize at each "home".

MY GIVEAWAY IS going to consist of two seperite prizes the first prize is a Handmade lavender sachet that you can hang and it gives the most lovely smell of lavender.  I did decorite it with Winnie the pooh and also in this prize is some crystals a blue lace agate ball, a quartz crystal, a rose quartz crystal heart, a piece of citrine and a piece of selenite. and a little pewter angel worry slab for your purse, pocket wherever.

PRIZE NUMBER TWO is a mothers day journal I made with space to add your own photos and writing for a wonderful mothers day present.  WIn a gift to give. 
hope you enjoy stopping by and I will be announcing winners on Febuary the 15th.  Please make sure that you leave a way I can contact you if you win.


JivesJools said...

Fab giveaway! Please count me in...and feel free to pop by my blog to join in my giveaway.
Much Love

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Sara,

Please include me in the draw for your lovely lavendar bags and gemstones. I would love to be the lucky winner. Please come by #70 and enter into my draw. Great meeting you.


Birgit said...


A lavender sachets and gemstones? A Mother's Day journal? What wonderful prizes you have chosen to give away! :) Thanks for the chance to win one of them.

If a glass bead necklace sounds good, you might want to visit my blog. It would be a pleasure to welcome you there. :)

Greetings from Munich,
# 849

Sandy said...

Fantastic giveaway! I love it.
Your work is brilliant.

Please enter my name! Pop over to my blog (#59 on the magic carpet) for a chance to win, too! :D

Shirley said...

Great giveaway!

Jodaeodesign said...

A lovely giveaway. Please include me in your drawing.

woodland_faerie said...

this is a cute little giveaway!

Beadwright said...

Hello this is a wonderful giveaway. Please count me in. Come by and see me as well.

#350 on the magic carpet ride

baukje said...

Love to win your nice gifts.

Kathy Sprinkle said...

I’d love to win!
Thank you for a lovely stop on the magic carpet!
Outrageous joy,
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
#111 on the blog hop

PEA said...

Oh yes, please, enter my name for your lovely giveaway. I would so love to win either the gorgeous sachet or journal!! If you haven't already, come over to enter mine, I'm #116. Thank you:-) xox

My Way said...

Hello from Georgia, USA!! I'm really having fun flying from blog to blog and seeing so much talent!
I'm new to the art world and overwhelmed by all the different kinds of art I might could learn.
Please enter me and thank you for your generosity!

SharDon Exclusives said...

It is so exciting to find such lovely blogs like yours on this Magic Carpet Ride! Please enter my name in your drawing then stop by for a chance to win my beaded bracelet giveaway!
Have a great Ride. Now I want to see more of your posts,
Sharon (#52)

Knerten said...

What an awesome giveaway; please count me in !
Best regards from OWOH no 451/Norway

Donna said...

Thanks for offering this great giveaway and Thanks so much for a chance to win!

Lauren R said...

Hello, nice to meet you and visit your blog! Please enter me in your giveaway, Please visit my blog to enter #865!

Ksenia said...

Greetings from Moldova!
Gorgeous giveaway!!!!
OWOH #138

Marie said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win this great gift! Please stop by and sign up for mine, I am #387 on the carpet ride!

Athena said...

Great giveaway! Thanks so much for having this- please throw my name in the hat. :) And if you haven't already, don't forget to stop by my blog for chances to win prizes! #318 on the magic carpet...

Cre8Tiva said...

count me in please...isn't this fun?? it is so great to meet you....please visit my blog #1069 and have a chance to win a handmade clutch purse...i live on a tiny island off florida's east coast USA...hugs and blessings, Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, what a stunning giveaway!! Off to have another look at your fabby blog!
You are welcome to visit my Blog and enter my giveaway. #1041
Jan x

Bev Coffaro said...

Great giveaway and your blog is beautiful. Please include me in your drawing.

danit said...

A mothers day journal sounds interesting. The lavender sachet looks lovely, but unfortunately it will not past customs. Please count me in.

KV said...

Charming giveaway -- and I love the photo on your blog banner! Come visit my blog for a giveaway prize, too.

Kathy V in NM
Artful Muse (#513 OWOH)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lovely sachet! Please include me in your giveaway. Hope you can stop by my blog & enter my giveaway, too! #344

Gina Luna said...

*•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-*

How Marvelous!

Please count me in!


Gina Luna

Please visit My World for a chance to win one of seven Art Dolls!

*•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-*

Peggy said...

Beautiful and charming blog! So magical!!
A beautiful and stunning treasure so sweet!!
I am traveling on my magic carpet ,my first year with OWOH flying from Connecticut.
My blog #937

Deb said...

blog celebration & great giveaway, count me in!

KryssiRuss said...

What a fantastic giveaway! I dont even know which prize I would want they both are great. Please enter my name in your draw and come enter mine #750 on the ride. - Krystal (

WondrousStrange said...

Lovely,lovely! I would love to be entered to win your wonderful gift!

Please stop by and enter my give away as well! I'm number 290

carylsrealm said...

I love the sachet and the crystals! Awesome!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

Hi Sarah, what a lovely idea and post you have. I love the sachet and journal. I'd love to win. I absolutely love your gifts. Please take time to visit my blog, too, for a chance to win my book, 16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood. I'm working on getting all the country flags. I promise to revisit your's too.


Amanda31Gifts said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! Either prize is wonderful, what great ideas. Thanks so much! Amanda

ps - visit me at # 1031, thanks!

sewfunky said...

Really nice giveaway!
Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine.

Heather said...

what fun prizes. Please come by and visit my blog giveaway as well.
OWOH #978

Kelly said...

Great giveaway! Please enter my name! Pop over to my blog (#92 on the magic carpet) for a chance to win, too! :)

s hyler said...

I would love to be included in your drawing.

silvia said...

Hi Sara! I've enjoyed visiting your blog. You take lovely photographs. Please enter my name in your giveaway. :)

Elsie said...

I grow lavender in my garden and this sachet would bring me joy the entire year, including our snowy days right now! The design is breathtaking and sweet!

Janice said...

What a fabulous giveaway! Please enter my name, thank you.

Debbie said...

please enter me

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Sara, it's a pleasure to meet you through One World One Heart! Your little Pooh sachet is TOO cute! I've always loved Pooh so much. :) I hope that you will come and pay me a visit on your magic carpet journey:
Theresa #263

Zan Asha said...

Ooooh, both these prizes are just wonderful! Love the little Pooh Bear sachet and all of the stones are just marvelous! Well, actually all of it is brilliant and generous! Please sign me up!

LYNDY WARD said...

Greetings & Salutations,
Enchanting OWOH Giveaways!
The Crystals Are Very Magical...
Lovely Work & Blog.

For a little Glitter & Magic fly by my blog
#242 On The List @:

Cosmic Blessings´¨)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´Lyndy Ward

Regina said...

Swooping in today from Alabama to see YOU!! What a journey I have had so far on my Magic Carpet Ride. So many wonderful many talented artist (and oh my some kindred spirits found)

All the wonderful giveaways...I have always believed that any gift made or given from the heart to another is giving a piece of yourself. I would be honored if you would enter my name.

Please stop by my place, Southern Ooaks #760, on your next ride. Have some Sweet Iced tea...look around and then enter for one of my gifts from the heart.


jonaks said...

awesome giveaways!!! please enter me in your drawing!

Vanessa said...

Nice blog and I really like your journal!Glad to see you joined! Come and make a new friend!


NatashaMay said...

Lavender has the nicest smell and you can never have to many journals to put pictures in. :) Thanks for the chance to win this fab giveaway.
x Natasha x

Susan said...

Greetings from Salem ! Such fun traveling by magic carpet to visit new and old friends. lovely giveaway please enter me too! Susan
I invite you to visit my blog giveaway I have fresh baked brownies and cinnamon tea prepared for my visitors!

Cheryl said...

What a fantastic giveaway, I'd love to win it! I’m also participating in One World One Heart. Please come by my blog and leave a comment to have a chance to win what I'm giving away.

Jenea said...

Hi dear!!! I like your idea! It’s very Awesome! I wish to ALL who will participate in this wondefull give-away, Big Good Luck! Yohooooo! ;)

Rich Witch said...

*´*•.¸ ★•*´*•Superb!•*´*•★¸.•*´*•

Please count me in!


Rich Witch

Please visit me for a chance to win a Most Magical Prize at:

*´*•.¸ ★ ¸.•*´*•*´*•.¸ ★ ¸.•*´*•

vintage wil said...

Great giveaway!!

Nanbon44 said...

Please enter me in your lovely giveaway, then stop by for a visit and a chance to win my hearts.... #649

BunnyKissd said...

Lovely giveaway! ^-^ Please enter me, and then hop over to my blog and enter mine too, if you haven't already!

WW said...

I’d love to be entered in your drawing.
Stop by my blogs to be entered in mine.

WW #577 #602

Jeanie said...

Please include me in your drawing for this lovely giveaway :) Thank you !

Lynn Stevens said...

It sounds like a lovely giveaway, please include me and if you have time stop on by mine #86

Deb K said...

Please enter me~I am having so much fun on this Magic Carpet Ride!


Sussie said...

Please count me in your draw and come and visit my blog too and enter my giveaway as well!
Warmest regards
from a cold and snowy Sweden! Brrr...! We didn´t have this much snow for over hundred years here in the countryside of Dalarna.
Susan, nr 821

Glassgrrl Studios said...

Your offerings are so sweet.

Bibi said...

I love Winnie the Pooh! And I think the Mother's Day journal is a great idea, very thoughtful.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Your giveaway is terrific! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing! Thanks for participating in the OWOH event.

visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

Joy said...

Please add my name to the hat. :o)

Carapace said...

I love getting handmade goodies I can pass on-- sharing my handmade love is the best!
Glad you joined the Ride!
OWOH Ticket Holder #21

Marie S said...

Lovely piece Sara, please count me in.
When you get a chance, fly by my blog on your magic carpet. I OWOH #907.
It is so very very nice to meet you.
Thank you for participationg in OWOH.

Betty Boogie said...

I love lavender and those little treasures sound so pretty, The journal sounds like a super idea too.
Visit me if you get a chance #1029

Maggie R said...

Hi...I'm a bit wind blown as I just flew in on the Magic Carpet from Canada... Whew!
Love your blog and your prize is
certainly one I hope I win!!
Thanks for entering my name for a chance to win.
Hop on the carpet and come see me. My prize is a beaded bracelet done by "moi"
I'm #362

okanagan_spirit said...

The lavender bag is lovely and I like crystals and the like. Please add my name to your draw. Thanks

Willow said...

Wow, so many pretty things, please enter my name.


Top Floor T said...

Hi from a fellow UKer! Lovely giveaway! Please enter my name, thank you :)

Please visit my blog at #711 on the magic carpet to win a designer Cath Kidston bag, handmade by me!

Michele said...

What a fantastic giveaway this is .... I love surprises! please count me in.

Just Jenn Designz said...

Greetings from Virginia.
Oh wow... what beautiful gifts!
And what a great blog you have too! Please enter my name into your fabulous drawing for a chance to win.

Also, I would love for you to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway - #548.

Jasmine said...

Pleased to meet you lara. I LOVE touch stones. I used to always have some on my person ready to give to a friend that needed a little oost or special energy. Now, I don't know of any places that sell them. I would love to win. Natures magic xJ

Ellen said...

so cute love the winny the pooh picture on it

please count me in
my magic carpet number is # 397

Shazza said...

what lovely giveaways, please include me

catieann said...

what nice giveaway. Thank you for giving us hte change to win.
Hop on your carpet and fly on over to my site and enter mine

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Please include me in your giveaway!
Thank you for this opportunity to join in on the fun!

Assayya said...

absolutely gorgeous!!
and i love crystals and gemstones
please count me in:))

Deborah Ann said...

Flying in from Wisconsin...

Your giveaway is heavenly! Please enter me in the draw, and if you get a chance, fly over to my blog (#922) to win my necklace! Well, I'm on my way to the next magical destination...

Hugs and Happiness,
Heavenly Humor

yasmin sabur said...

Hello from southern California. Good to have you as a traveling companion on the journey. One World, One Heart.

Gina said...

What a lovely prize! I love the scent of lavender! Come see my tatted lace at #753.

Stanza Rae said...

Thank you for participating in OWOH. And for your giveaway.

I actually have 2 giveaways at my blog, the OWOH one and a bonus giveaway. Feel free to enter both.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Your giveaway is fabulous! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Lisa :)

karenm said...

Hi from Ireland. This is lovely. please count me in.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Both of these giveaways are wonderful. I love lavender, so that one really speaks to me.

My OWOH stop on the magic carpet ride is # 79.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Fun gifts!!! I would love to be the winner of your giveaway...please include me. Then come on over and enter mine too!

(#185 A Vintage Cottage Home)

Dawn said...

Love your giveaway, and love to find UK bloggers x

Drop by for a visit if you get time

OWOH #82

mitz said...

this is sooo ** pooh-a-riffic** thanks for the opportunities at both.. .. t c

Kansas Amy said...

Please enter me for the great OHOW giveaway! I would love to win!
Thanks for letting me visit!

Stop by to visit me sometime.....

Sweepstake Lover said...

Fabulous! Thanks for this great giveaway. Long live OWOH:) I hope to win.

annabell_lee_dk (at)

quiltmom said...

Two really lovely prizes on your giveaway. I love rocks - rose quartz is one of my favorite.

If you like bracelets, do ride over to my blog -
you can find it here:

Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Neky White said...

Great giveaway! Please count me in.
Come to enter my giveaway if you haven't already (i'm #481) =D

Let's continue the ride on the magic carpet!

Becca Holso said...

great giveaway - please count me in =) i hope you have a chance to stop by my blog too!

OWOH #866

Leslie said...

Great giveaways! Please put my name in the hat.

greeneginger said...

Hi Sara, I have been enjoying your blog and think that your giveaways are so sweet!!
I am looking forward to visiting again;)
Cheers from Cleveland,Ohio USA

Glenda said...

wow what a love ly prize and blog, please add me to your giveaway and dont forget to drop by my blog for a chance to win,.love from Glenda

ozlynda said...

Hello Sara from Victoria, Australia
What a lovely giveaway. I love lavender and those crystal would be a lovely addition to my collection of pretties. Oh I also like journals 2.
Please enter me into the draw.
Thanks Lynda

Tina Holden said...

Hi Sara. I'm on Shores also, but on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Wondering if it rains a lot where you are, it does here! lol
Anyway, your giveaways are very generous and romantic! Would love to win.
Come over to enter for my two hearts...
I'm #31 on the

Triannas Treasures said...

Thanks for the chance to win, its lovely. Trianna from Victoria Canada.

Flor Larios Art said...

Great! Thanks! Please come to my blog and participate in mine #626.
Good Luck to both of us!

VintageCrafter said...

Love your wonderful offering! Please count me in!

Missy said...

How Generous of you ! I'd love to be entered ♥

Missy ~ Winnipeg , Canada
seksi_missy at hotmail dot com

Beeshebags said...

Please enter my name into your giveaway. Thank you so much for being part of OWOH this year. Hugs Naomi

Threadhead said...

Great giveaways! Count me in!

Vickie said...

So cute!! Please enter my name.

Carrieann said...

Greetings from Las Vegas!

Your work is lovely and so is your blog. We would be SO excited to win! Thanks for having us over to visit.

Please stop by for a magickal giveaway - #467
Bright Blessings,
Carrie & Kathy

Holly said...

Hi from Minnesota.
Wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to win! (I'm #811)

Chelle said...

How pretty. I would love to be entered into you drawing. So glad OWOH brought me to your blog. :-)


daffy said...

Hi from snowy Missouri
I really enjoyed exploring your blog especially your pictures of the little church and snow drops and your right if everyone would just stop to see what is really there ,
I have had fun riding on the magic carpet
exploring everyones blog .Its taking me forever to get thru all the blogs since i am taking time to wonder around each one
carolyn h

Us said...

What a wonderful giveaway. Please include us in your drawing and stop by our spot for your chance to win. ~elisha~

Ginny said...

What a great giveaway!

Undaunted said...

Oh your gift looks absolutely beautiful! Lavender always makes me think of my Nan because she had loads of it growing in the garden and always had dried lavender around the house. Please enter me into your draw! And you're not too late to enter mine - #699 :)

Deborah said...

I adore Winnie the Pooh and I think your giveaway is fabulous. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am no. 26 on the Magic Carpet Ride.

The Lone Dollier said...

I love them both & crystals are so awesome! Please enter me.


- Marybeth I. said...

the journal sounds great :)

misaacmom at gmail dot com
#752 OWOH ticket holder

ByLightOfMoon said...

Oh, I do love stones and your booklets are beautiful, Please select my entry, Blessings, CYndi

AngieHallHaviland said...

FABULOUS offerings!! Please enter my name in your drawing :) What a FUN event...enjoy the ride!!

Angie--Southeast, Texas #57

Melissa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Susan said...

very.very lovely giveaways!!

I am now a follower :)

Please toss my name in the hat!

Be well and Be warm :)

I am NEW to blogging ( but not to art.

Come visit me #1089

Greetings from the New Jersey Shore, USA

Julie G. said...

Great giveaway! Greetings from Corpus Christi, Texas! Please enter #541 for a chance to win. Thanks, Julie

Miss jane said...